Getting Kitted Out

1. UNIFORM                                                      

We have an optional school uniform which is designed to be simple and practical. It helps to create a sense of identity and belonging and consists of:-

-       burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo - sweatshirt £10.00, cardigan £11.00

-       gold polo shirt with school logo - £7.00

-       grey skirt, pinafore or trousers/shorts

-       red/white check dress for the girls in summer

-       summer and winter hats with school logo - ski hat £5.50, baseball cap £4.50

-       sensible shoes (no heels, no big boots, no trainers or jelly shoes)

-       plimsolls to change into during bad weather

-       Wellington boots for rainy days

-       showerproof fleecy jacket with school logo - £16.00 


There are three ways to order uniform:

1. on-line through Tesco at tesco.com/ues

2. purchase from the school office at any time (our prices are shown above)

3. "Schoolwear" uniform shop in Holme-on-Spalding Moor

Please note: the uniform held by the school is NOT from Tesco so prices will be different.

All clothing should be clearly marked with your child's name. We suggest using stick-in labels from STIKINS which you can order on line. Please use the school code 12945 as it will provide us with some commission or click on the link below.

Click here to visit Name Labels

There are second-hand uniform sales during the year when donated items are sold with monies going into school funds. Lost property is retained in school for at least a term and is kept in a tub in the cloakroom.



It is a good idea to keep a spare pair of socks and pants in school in case your child has an accident. You should leave them in your child’s PE bag or in another suitable bag. Foundation children are encouraged to bring a pair of waterproof trousers to leave in school for outdoor play.



All children need to bring a bottle to school each day (plastic sports bottle style) filled with water. Children are encouraged to drink water at regular intervals. It is sent home at the end of each day for a wash.



All children need a school book bag to bring to school each day. We use this to send home books and newsletters etc. These can be purchased from the school office at £5.00 and are not available elsewhere.



Children need to change clothes for PE. The PE kit consists of a white T-shirt with school logo and black shorts. Both can be ordered through the school (t-shirt £5.00, shorts £4.00), Schoolwear shop or Tesco. A school PE bag (available from school only at £4.00) to keep them in is available to buy too. This stays in school and is sent home at regular intervals for a wash. Nursery children are not required to have a PE kit.