Keeping In Touch

We believe communication between school and home are vital in developing trust and raising standards across the curriculum and beyond. You will be kept informed of your child’s progress and school issues in the following ways:


  • Newsletters: Regular school newsletters sent home in your child’s book bag or preferably, emailed direct to you. These will keep you up to date with events and general information. The monthly “Infant Info” is posted on our website. You will also receive some curriculum information from your child’s teachers, explaining what is being taught during the term.
  • Parent’s evenings: Parent afternoons/evenings are arranged each term during the year. Teachers can let you know how well your child has settled and what social and academic progress they are making. These are extremely important so we ask parents to make every effort to attend. In Foundation, this will be a chance to find out how well your child is doing in relation to the “Foundation Stage Profile” (a set of standards for Nursery and Reception/ Early Admissions children) or in relation to the National Curriculum (Year 1 and Year 2).
  • Emails and photographs: Foundation parents (Nursery & Reception) can sign up to receive photographs and reports of their child at work and play. This is a wonderful way to get regular feedback about your child's learning.This is through a system called "2 Engage Parents".
  • Report of your child’s progress: This is issued to parents in the Summer term. The report gives a summary of the progress your child has made over the year.
  • Magic Moments: Parents are invited to come into school after 3.30pm on their child’s class “Magic Moments” day to share something that they have achieved at home. It is also an opportunity to talk to the teacher about the work they have been doing at school.
  • Curriculum mornings and afternoons: We will invite you to various events, including “Maths Mornings” and other events to show you how your child learns in school. 
  • Notice boards: Notice boards around the school help to keep parents updated on events going on in school.
  • Website: Visit our website which includes many aspects of school life. We are adding to it all the time. Our school site is
  • Text messaging: We will text you with up-to-date news or various reminders about school. Please let us know if your details change.

We are here to help 

If at any time parents have a worry or concern about any aspect of their child’s life in school “we are here to help”. A telephone call or a note is all that is required to make the necessary arrangements to meet with staff and discuss the issue. Please do come into school and talk to the class teachers so that difficulties or misunderstandings may be quickly overcome.  The best time to see class teachers is after 3.30pm, but any important messages for the day ahead can be given to a member of staff in a morning.


Keeping up-to-date if you do not live with your child

If you do not live with your child, please leave us with your details and some stamped self-addressed envelopes so that we can keep you up-to-date with school news. Spare copies are available at the school office.