Sustainable Travel

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Walking to school

Walking to school is a great way for children to exercise and helps reduce the amount of cars on the road. We have recently seen a reduction in the number of children travelling to school by car (from 30% to 17%) which is great news. Through a variety of promotions throughout the year, we try to encourage more families to walk, scoot or bike to school or to use the Park & Stride. For example, we ran a "Be Bright, Be Seen" competition, took part in "Fit Fridays" & relaunched the Park & Stride in conjunction with Tesco who provided a breakfast for its users. Hi-viz jackets in a variety of colours for children can be purchased at the school office. We currently have a "gold" Travel Plan award which is given for our hard work in promoting this. Click on the link below for further information.

Sustainable Travel Strategy

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We appoint children as Road Safety Ambassadors to help promote safety and well-being on the journey to and from school.


Congestion on Princess Road continues to be a problem around the start and end of the school day. To help please:

  • arrive in plenty of time and try to use the “Park and Stride” facility at the nearby Tesco store.
  • park with due consideration for the residents of Princess Road. Please do not block their driveways.
  • do not park in such a way as to obstruct the school buses.
  • do not park or drop off children on the yellow zig-zag lines which protect the entrances to School.
  • do not drive into the school grounds to drop off and pick up your child.
  • walk or scoot to school, if possible. Scooter/ bicycle storage is available. Children and adults must dismount on school grounds.
  • consider car sharing to help reduce congestion.