How to report concerns

If you think a child may be in danger, is at risk, is being mistreated or you have concerns about a child's well-being you should pass on your concerns to Early Help and Safeguarding Hub (EHaSH) or in immediate danger the Police on 999. 

Tel: (01482) 395500                                        

The above number is available:                                   

Monday - Thursday 9.00am - 5:00pm. 
Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm.

You do not have to give your name, but it may help with enquiries if you do so. Alternatively, contact Mrs Kay-Wood for advice.

Enquiries at all other times (including weekend and bank holidays) would need to follow the out of hours arrangements:

Out of Hours (01377) 241273

Secure email:

If a child is suffering abuse and requires urgent attention because of immediate danger, call the Police on 999.