We hold a daily act of collective worship. Our school prayer is:

Help us to do the things we should

To be to others kind and good

In all we do at work and play

To grow more loving every day


Every Tuesday at 2.45pm or 3pm we hold a special Birthday Assembly for all the children who have recently celebrated their birthday. You will receive a personal invitation to join us on your child's assembly. This is usually the Tuesday on or following their birthday. Children may bring two birthday cards and a present to show us. No gun presents please. 

Our birthday prayer is:

Happy Happy Birthday Happy Year Begun

God who gives us birthdays, knows us everyone

God is kind and loving, He is sure to hear

So we ask His blessing for another year



In our Friday Award Assembly, two children (chosen from each class) are awarded a school badge for doing something special during the week. This might be work related or could be for doing something kind. Certificates are sent home to the children involved so look out for them in the children's book bags. During this assembly, we present the "Silver Cup" to an adult in school who has been nominated for a special mention by the children or a member of staff. Children can write their nomination to give to Mrs Kay-Wood and she often finds them posted under her door when she returns to her office!

At the end of the day, children meet together as a class to sing the End of the Day Prayer:

At the End of the Day we kneel and say

Thank you Lord for my work and play

I've tried to be good for I know that I should

That's my prayer at the end of the day